Dreams do come true

For me, at least, dreams come true.

               My name is Kelsey Kennedy, and my dream is to become an author. I first read The vampire diaries, and I started to love reading. But I think the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer inspired me the most. At first, I thought I just loved reading. But then I realized that Ioved to write also. When I write, I'm in a diffrent world, I'm in the story. I am the person in my books.

             Since, I love reading, Obviously, I do it all the time. The more I read, the more I want to write. Most of the time, a peice of writing inspires me to take my book in another direction. Sometimes its very difficult to change the path its headed on, but I'm confident in myself. To think about my words being on a page in a book in a library, thrills me. I just want to share what I love to do the most.

            My sister Christina, I think supports me the most. She tells me I can do whatever I want to do.